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Rollem is the Leader in Print Finishing Solutions - Let us assist you to improve efficiency and quality on your high value printed products.  
This website provides an overview of Rollem's wide range of equipment and the products they produce. We encourage you to not only browse the site but to reach out to one of our consultants who can easily direct you to the best suited solution for your consideration.  Call us at (800) 272- 4381 ext. 11, 8:00am to 5:00pm  PST or (631) 761-9491 EST 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Rollem's New Insignia Die Cutting Line Opens New Markets in Packaging, Labels and Promotional Products for printers.

As we strive to offer the most relevant products for this evolving industry, we are pleased to offer the Insignia Series of Die Cutters, opening new markets in die cutting and kiss cutting for sheetfed products. Prior to the release of Insignia, access to these processes required most print shops to out-source these services. With it ease of operation, quick chanage-over and affordable price point, the Insignia Series is truly a game changer for sheetfed rotary flexo-magnetic die cutting. Now printers, PSP, MSP,  and InPlant's can expand their product offerings with custom shaped products including labels, direct mail, and packaging. Now offered in three sizes models and custom configurations to suit your specific needs.

Jetstream (XY) Bi-Directional Slitters Top Choice for Rotary Finishing

All of our machines have a choice of several types of feeding from STAND ALONE off-line operation or complete In Line production with digital presses.  For example, the Jetstream system feeds directly from the digital press or UV coating  system to fully automate the printing and converting process as a single operation. Thereby, offering greater efficiency, less labor and increased turn-around time. 

Rollem’s Jetstream is configured in a XY format for bi-directional processing. Four sided trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating is accomplished in one, uninterrupted process to greatly increase efficiency and cut quality. This system is the choice for mid to higher volume print providers requiring highly accurate, dependable slit/score plus perforating on products including postcards, greeting cards, tickets, retail shelf tags and direct mail. Rollem offers Jetstream in both 24" and 30" sheet capacities to fit larger press types. Other features include 4,000-12,000 sheets per hour, in-line and near-line set-ups, and a variety of delivery options including stackers, conveyors and collators.

Application Based Design
Rollem print finishing systems are application based. By identifying your specific applications, we will be able to identify the Rollem system(s) best suited to perform the finishing processes you need. Our products perform Trimming, Slitting, Cutting, Scoring, Perforating, Micro-Perforating, Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Collating, Round Cornering, Folding, and Gluing. Over the years, we have developed several models and sizes to enable us to configure for even the most complex needs while continuing to offer entry-level models for finishing start-ups.

Extensive Accessories
Along with many sizes and models of our print finishing equipment, we have also developed a large assortment of blades and specialty tools that can be interchanged on each machine giving the user exactly he needs. Our double head design performs digital scoring with no cracking. Micro-perforating heads create laser ready paper. Semi-Slitting heads partially slit all types of pressure sensitive products. Specialty paper drilling heads improve drilling efficiency. Bring Rollem your challenging applications and we will provide you with a solution. And if that solution is out of our area of expertise, we'll point you to the appropriate industry supplier. Count on Rollem with our 50+ years of industry experience, the possibilities are endless.