Hagerstown, MD

HBP, Inc., a high-quality commercial printing company offers many value-added services such as design, digital printing, bindery, e-commerce solutions, wide-format printing, mailing, fulfillment and much more. Rollem’s bi-directional TR Jetstream System was a natural fit to deliver slitting, scoring and perforating for many of their top selling products. HBP added this 36” unit for completing these processes in a bi-directional uninterrupted process, improving quality and turn-around time on products including direct mail and postcards. The right-angle Rollaway unit includes a strike-perforation feature when coupons or tear-off replies are required. The Rollaway’s modular design allows it to be added or removed as needed.

Featured: Bud McCoy
Production Manager


ZenPrint, an on-line printing company with web-to-print, and hosted, brand storefront sites is based in Provo, UT.  They recently expanded their finishing capabilities with the addition of two Rollem systems, the Insignia5 Sheetfed Die Cutter and the Jetstream XY Slitting system.  “The die cutter opened the door to offering unusual and diverse holiday cards”, states JD Gardner.  And the Jetstream has been a “game changer”.  Gardener continues, “The bi-directional cutting of digitally printed business cards has provided huge productivity and labor savings for ZenPrint.  Cards jobs that used to take all day and into the night can now be knocked out in three or four hours.


The Works Printing Group

The Works Printing Group, Rollem International recently installed an IS5 Die Cutting machine at The Works Printing Group.  The company is a trade supplier of a unique product range including various sticker products which require kiss cutting.  “The cutting result is beyond expectations.  I am absolutely stoked with what I have seen”, states the owner.

The IS5 Die-Cutter is a new sheet-fed flexo-magnetic model which performs, die-cutting, kiss-cutting and creasing on stocks from 20 lb. paper to 0.22 carton board.  It handles sheet sizes from 8x8” to 15x22” and operates at speeds up to 5,000 sph.


BarCharts in Boca Raton, FL purchased a Rollem TR Die Scoring and Slitting System, which runs in line with a UV Laminator, to produce laminated quick reference guides and other products such as flash cards, posters and books to assist their customers worldwide with their educational and professional goals.

Photo Cru

Photo Cru in Malaysia, a web-to-print company, received installation of a Rollem Jetstream System to automate the trimming and slitting of their photocards and photo book products.  Shown in photo along with the Rollem Jetstream System are Rollems' Technicians, Brian Simons and the Photo Cru staff.

SendOutCards Installs 2D ETR Finishing System

SendOutCards of Salt Lake City, Utah maintains very high quality, which is the key to the companies’ success so the addition of a Rollem card finishing system was a natural fit. The Rollem 2D Finishing System includes an ETR and Rollaway for bi-directional trimming, cutting and scoring to produce thousands of cards per hour. Shown in this photo is Steve Diamond,on the right, and Shad Swanson on the left.

FedEx installs PB-15 Drilling

FedEx in Kent, WA, installed a PB-15 Automated Drill.They will use the drill to produce variable binders with a variety of hole patterns including 3 ring, wire-o, spiral binding, etc. The PB-15 is the most efficient method for drilling of loose-leaf, perfect bound books, stitched or folded products.

My Publisher adds 2D Advantage Systems

My Publisher, Valhalia, NY adds Rollem 2D Advantage Systems for Card Products. My Publisher, a successful on-line photobook and greeting card company has installed two Rollem 2D Advantage systems for trimming, slitting and scoring both flat and folded greeting cards.

Classic Graphics adds Rollem Jetstream

Classic Graphics, Charlotte, NC purchased a Rollem Jetstream to produce price cards for a large retail store. The Jetstream takes a16-up sheet of cards, applies two-sided tape strips followed by XYcuts converting the sheet into four streams of finished products.The price cards printed order is maintained and cards delivered in store layout order. This process eliminates the need for costly pressure sensitive paper stock.

H-E-B installs Rollem 2D Finisher with VOD Delivery

H-E-B Grocery Corporation in San Antonio, TX purchased a Rollem 2D Finisher with the new VOD delivery to produce large volumes of grocery shelf tags. The 2D Rollaway systems perform bi-directional cutting and perforating of multiple-up store tags. The VOD system, which is equipped with optical recognition, separates the tags for easy delivery and handling. This automation streamlines the finishing and delivery process of store shelf tags.

Modern Postcard's Installation of TR Die Scoring

For over 25 years, Modern Postcard has specialized in direct mail with postcards. Their 75,000 square foot facility, located in Carlsbad, CA makes it possible to print and mail the highest quality postcards at very competitive rates. They exceed customers' expectations by combining a superior product with quick turnaround time at an affordable price. Modern Postcard takes pride in utilizing the latest innovations. Everything from start to finish is produced all in-house.
"Our Rollem finishing equipment, consists of multiple systems, gives us the flexibility to offer a wide variety of finishing services that not only meet but exceed our high standards so our customers can get the most out of every direct mail campaign." Waldo Garza, Mail & Finishing Services Manager.

Federated Co-Operatives Upgrades to a Rollem Rollaway

Federated Co-Operatives in Saskatoon, CN upgraded their two-directional capabilities with the addition of a Rollem Rollaway to perform second direction slitting, trimming, scoring and perforating with their existing ETR system. The Rollaway increases the output capabilities for the company which supplies goods and services to patrons on a cooperative basis, in a manner which enhances agriculture and the community.

Dayton Mailing Improves Digital Finishing with Rollem In-Line Slitting System

Dayton Mailing in Dayton, OH installed a Rollem Jetstream to run in-line with their HP Indigo press to automate their print to finishing function.“The Rollem system has helped with our innovative workflow.” It has allowed us to free up our cutter operator. We are now able to cut, score and perf all jobs, all in-line, to better streamline and automate our production”, states Steven Roberts, V.P. of Operations. Featured with the Rollem Jetstream and digital press are Steven Roberts, Vice President of Operations, (left) and Tom Cooper, Digital Manager, on the right.

Strata Company adds a Rollem Jetstream

Strata Company offers multichannel marketing programs, direct mail, print and more. The Rollem produces basic mailers, or double post cards with inline folding and gluing.

Kopykake adds a Rollem Jetstream

The Jetstream performs XY cutting both In-line with digital presses or Near-line, eliminating excess labor and paper movement. Maximizing sheet space with multiple-up layouts and the ability to perform various finishing processes simultaneously, further increases productivity.

Allstate Purchases 30" ETR

Allstate Print Communication in Wheeling, IL purchased a 30” ETR for general perfing, slitting and scoring in their new digital department.

Plastikoil of Pennsylvania installs Rollem Mailsteam System

Plastikoil of Pennsylvania in Cranberry, PA installed a Rollem Mailstream System. The system not only allows Plastikoil to combine traditional finishing processes such as slitting, scoring, perforating, strike-perforating, hot-melt, cold and re-moist gluing, as well as buckle and plow folding, but also provides Plastikoil with the ability to offer highly specialized services such as "horseshoe"pattern re-moist glue and multiple card tipping capabilities, to turn an ordinary mail piece into something extraordinary.

Data Mail uses Rollem Finishing System

Data-Mail in Newington, CT uses multiple Rollem Finishing Systems to process digitally printed mail pieces. One system alone yields 12,000 trimmed, slit, scored & perforated mailing pieces per hour. The TR easily separates in to modules that are being used in a couple of different operations."It speaks to the versatility of the unit," states Mike Bolasevish, Bindery Manager. (shown in picture)

Installation of 30" Rollem ETR

ASAP Printing in Salt Lake, UT does high volumes of Postcard& Business Card work.  They purchased a 30” Rollem ETR to have a much faster production with less touches.  They felt Rollem was the best solution and this has proven to be a fact.

Moberly's installs 24" Rollaway

Moberly’s in Sioux Falls, SD purchased a 24” Rollem Rollaway to save time on their directional work.  The Rollaway was added to their existing Rollem TR System to eliminate the need to run jobs twice.  The new two-directional system performs bi-directional processing in one step.

Elk River Systems installs a Jetstream to improve quality and increase production

Elk River Systems located in Harlowton, MT installed a Rollem Jetstream to improve quality and increase production for their top selling event tickets and pre-perforated paper. The Jetstream two-directional system cuts and perforates in one process with 100% accuracy. Shown in the center is Terry Freezer, Operations Mgr, along with her assistants Terry & Dawn with the Rollem Jetstream.

Emerald City Graphics installs PB-15

Emerald City Graphics, in Kent Washington, installed a Rollem Duerselen PB-15 In-Line Drilling System. Pictured are Jim Grisez, Bindery Manager and Donna Galeia, Bindery Supervisor and Operator. Jim states that "since it was installed, we have enjoyed up to a 30% increase in production using this Revolutionary System."

Mercury Printing installs multiple Rollem Machines

Mercury Printing in Memphis, TN installed two 24” Advantages,two 24” Rollaways and two 42” Champions.  Each machine is dedicated to a specific finishing application to increase production of their Trimming, Scoring and Perforating Projects.

Electromark installs a Champion Semi-Slitter

Electromark in Wolcott, NY installed a 24” Champion Semi-Slitter for Slitting and Kiss-Cutting their various sign label and tag products.

4 Over Inc. installs 18" Champion and 30" ETR

4 Over Inc. in Mississauga, CN installed an 18” Champion for Scoring business cards and a 30” ETR  Slitting, Scoring and Perforating System to improve their general finishing.

Grace Community Church purchases ETR

Grace Community Church in Arleta, CA has purchased a 24” ETR. Running their 8-page folder in-line with the ETR allows perfing, cutting, scoring/creasing and folding to be done in one pass with one operator. Jobs that would take 3 separate processes now can be completed on one system improving quality and production at the same time limiting labor costs.Photo includes Charles Yamshak/In-Plant Manager for Grace Community Church.

Sharper installs Rollem Jetstream System

Sharper, a Personalized Communications & Promotional Products firm located in Calgary, Canada installed a new Rollem Jetstream system. The two-directional finishing system is used for various products including bi-directional micro-perforating of recall cards and scoring and slitting postcards and medical reminder products.

Pinta Foamtec purchases Semi-Slitter

Pinta Foamtec in Minneapolis, MN purchased an 18” Semi Slitter to add to their inline system where stickers are converted from rolls to individual pieces in a die cutting process.

Foxfire increases capacity with new Rollaway

Foxfire Printing in Newark DE has added a new 24” SH Rollaway to their equipment for increased capacity.

Federated Co-Operatives installs ETR Deep Pile System

Federated Co-Operatives in Saskatoon, CN installed a 24” SHETR for 2 directional micro-perfing with a delivery conveyor.

William Arthur installs Jetstream

William Arthur in West Kennebunk, ME installed one of their newest finishing units, the Jetstream, a bi-directional finishing system designed to deliver finished products with 100% accuracy and dependability. The system’s rotary design offers the highest quality cutting, scoring and perforating while eliminating the need for paper movement, additional machines and manpower. Doug Quist states, “We are extremely pleased with the output from our new Rollem.” 

Clearwater Graphics installs ETR Deep Pile System

Clearwater Graphics in Rancho Cucamonga, CA installed a 24” Single Head ETR for perforating sheets for a school curriculum activity.

Drawing Board installs Jetstream System

Drawing Board in Waynesboro, PA installed a 24” Jetstream system for business card slitting.

Print Management Group installs ETR Deep Pile System

Print Management Group in Indian Trail, NC installed a 24” ETR & Feeder to produce CD in-lays.

Finch Paper installs 18" Champion 990

Finch Paper in Glen Falls, NY installed an 18” Champion 990 Perforating, Scoring and Slitting unit for use to pre-perf blank sheets they sell. They make 700 tons of high quality uncoated text & cover, opaque and digital papers each day.

Envision Print installs a Jetstream slitting system

Envision Print in Wichita, KS installed a 24” Jetstream slitting system along with a delivery conveyor to be used in-line with a new Digital Press for business card slitting. April 2014 Update: Envision is dedicating business card production with milestone output of 6,000,000 business cards per week. 

MSP installs Rollem 2D ETR Deep Pile System

MSP in Freedom, PA received installation of a Rollem ETR/Rollaway Scoring, Slitting, Perforating and Trimming System. The 2D Finishing & Fold system includes a ETR, right angle Rollaway and Plow Folder ideal for greeting cards. The 2-up Digital Press sheets are trimmed and separated by a center slit on the ETR, then simultaneously cut, scored and finish trimmed on the Rollaway followed by plow folding for precisely finished card products. Shown in photo: Doug Wright/Senior Vice President of Operations for MSP.

Mountain Commercial Graphics install 24" Rollem Semi-Slitter

Mountain Commercial Graphics in Houston, TX  produces durable, exceptional, high-quality screen printing and digital graphics in their 50,000 sq. ft. facility. They received installation of a 24" Rollem Semi-Slitter to perform back slitting/face, also known as semi-slitting, on their pressure sensitive products.

Mercury Printing installs multiple Rollem Machines

Mercury Printing in Memphis, TN is a commercial shop with offset and digital capabilities.  They installed a 30" Double Head TR and a 24" Rollaway, along with a pre-loader, delivery conveyor and deep pile feeder for finishing Greeting Cards.

Reynolds DeWalt installs Rollem Jetstream

Reynolds DeWalt Corporation in New Bedford, MA is a cross-media communications firm located in New Bedford, MA whose services include web-to-print, and mailing and fulfillment received installation of a customized Rollem Jetstream trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system.

City of Spokane is happy with Auto-4 Numbering System

When Jeff Sleizer arrived at the Reprographics Center for the City of Spokane, Wash., the shop was in need of new printing and finishing equipment to handle the needs of its municipal customers. The shop did not have a way to do crash numbering, Sleizer notes, and a lot of work was being outsourced. So the in-plant decided to bring in a Rollem Auto-4 numbering system. The Rollem has been a good fit, Sleizer says, due to a growing need for numbering capabilities, as well as the machine's ability to handle perforating, scoring and slitting work. The shop now can do numbering for a variety of print jobs, including forms for the parks and recreation department and booklets for various city agencies."Where this machine has come in real handy is when we are doing perforations," Sleizer contends. "We even started doing the city's utility billing."

White House Custom Colour installs Rollem 2D ETR Finishing System

White House Custom Colour installed another Rollem finishing system. Shown in the picture is Tim Doss, Plant Manager of the Fresno Facility, with a Rollem ETR Slitting and Scoring system with a right angle Rollaway and a solid belt conveyor. One application includes slitting of 5 x 7 cards on one system from a 4 up sheet, they cut and score 5 x 7 greeting cards from a 2 up format on the other machine.

Automated Mailing Services installs a 30" TR

Automated Mailing Services in Blaine, WA purchased a Rollem 30" TR to microperf paper sometimes used for court document.

Global Soft Digital Solutions purchased a 24" Advantage

Global Soft Digital Solutions in Mahwah, NJ purchased a 24"Advantage for greeting cards. Global specializes in cutting-edge digital technologies and as a result the outcomes of their projects fully realize the practical advantages of turnkey digital solutions.

Sun Printing installs 30" Rollaway

Sun Printing in W. Columbia, SC installed a 30" Double Head Rollaway and a 30" Double Head TR w/30" DP Feeder.

Progressive Solutions installs990 Rollaway System

Progressive Solutions in Santa Clara, CA installed a 990 Rollaway System to trim, slit and score digitally greeting card products.

Trialogue Direct installs a Rollem Slitting and Scoring system

Trialogue Direct in Las Vegas, NV installed a 30" TR model with 30" Mobile Right Angle. They operate in-line with their folding unit to create a complete finishing system for their various direct mail products. Shown in the photo from left are Mark Potes, Bindery Supervisor and Mark Frei, Equipment Operator.

Ross Bindery install PB-15

Ross Bindery in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Ross Lewis, production coordinator says, "Since the installation of the Duerselen PB-15drilling system, our overall production and quality have improved significantly. We find that this system does the work of at least three standard drills with just two operators. The Duerselen gives us the results we need as a trade bindery."

Bullseye installs 30" TR system

Bullseye Marketing installed a Rollem 30" TR system to run in-line with a Robetech Fugitive Glue System. Scott Barker, owner,pictured on the left with Carl D'Aguiar of Robetech, states that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to install this unique system and reap the benefits of keeping his jobs In-House.

Capitol City Press installs a TR Die-Score system

Capitol City Press in Tumwater, WA acquires a TR Die-Score system and ends up having a bigger payoff for digital work.

Express Bindery adds 42" TR Die Scoring System

Express Bindery of Buena Park, CA added a 42" TR Die Scoring system to their bindery with a 42" air feeder.

Clear Image Printing installs a 36" Rollem TR system

Clear Image Printing, Glendale, CA installs a TR. Tony says it will do more for your finishing requirements than any other machine in your bindery. We have a small folder and it will add a dedicated 8 Page Rollaway only to the TR and this will prelude the need for a large folder. On our larger format sheets, we can now Score, Slit and Perforate all In-Line.""