Paper Drilling Machines

The New Way of Paper Drilling!

Dürselen Engineering and Innovation brings Speed, Accuracy and Increased Productivity to Paper Drilling.

Old paper drilling machines simply don’t offer the speed, programmability, flexibility, and profitability of a Dürselen drill. We can help you choose a Dürselen paper drilling machine that is suitable for your specific application.

Dürselen drills, provided by Rollem, can drill different file holes and multiple holes, large formats, and close hole spacing.

From the standard PB-04 model with six drilling heads to the modular PB-16 drill, print finishers are gaining an advantage in the marketplace with these feature-loaded drills.


The PB-16 is a heavy duty modular drilling machine with up to 13 drilling heads and many more standard features than most paper drill machines. Digital and offset print facilities and trade binderies will quickly realize the benefits of this drill.

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The PB-04N is the ideal drilling machine for five-hole automotive drilling jobs. This high-power machine includes a mechanical cam lever for precise control of bottom of stroke depth and variable spindle control to ensure the correct speed of various drill bits.

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