Jetstream Slitter, Score, and Perforating System with Mailstream and Jetslit

Rollem’s Jetstream slitter is a fully automated bi-directional trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system designed for high volumes of production. Jetstream is available as a self-feeding system or as an In-line solution for most digital presses, UV coaters, and laminators.

The Jetstream XY or bi-directional trimming, semi-slitting, slitting, scoring and perforating system converts full press sheets into final cut products, in one process, with just one operator! It is the most cost-effective method for cutting high volumes of postcards, business cards, photo cards, advertising cards, brochures and VDP products. Perfect cutting of UV raised UV or textured sheets.

Jetstream maximizes productivity by performing Trimming, Slitting, Scoring and Perforating as simultaneous or independent processes. Eliminate excess paper movement, touch points, and labor costs!

Improve quality and finishing efficiency on these high-value products:

  • Postcard sheets
  • Photo and Greeting Cards
  • Business cards
  • Direct Mailers
  • Coupons and Labels
  • Retail Shelf Tags and Gaming Products

Jetstream customers include the world’s most successful print providers including web-to-print, commercial, digital and offset printers, direct mail firms, MSP and PSP firms.

Jetstream SSP Add-Ons


This system processes multiple-up mail pieces and performs numerous functions in one pass.

Direct mail pieces are two-sided trimmed, gutter cut, scored and perforated, plus pattern (strike) perforating to create tear-off coupons in both directions. Remoistenable glue is applied followed by folding, tip-on card inserting and fugitive spot glue closure as the final step. These processes are all completed in one single pass!

There is no other mail finishing system on the market capable of completing up to eight processes in one system. Reduce excess labor costs and streamline direct mail finishing. Mailstream is ideal for both VDP, Ink-Jetting or Static Direct Mail production.


When the highest quality cutting is required, the Jetslit configuration is an option.

Commonly used for business card slitting, these heads offer long durability and extremely precise cuts.

Their 10′ diameter design guarantee absolute accuracy and clean edges. Jetslit also performs scoring and perforating as standard features.

From day one, we started to use the
Rollem Jetstream and basically we’ve used it every day since. We had a job of 5,000,000 postcards that were due in one week when we received installation of the Jetstream system … We had the job done and out the door in less than a week. We use the Jetstream all the time and I know I can count on our system to get the job done fast and accurately. The ability to handle the perforating, scoring and edge trimming in one step, makes the Jetstream one of the key machines in my finishing department.

Shaun MurphyMaintenance Supervisor, Genesis Direct


  • Available for offline or inline finishing with downstream units including folders, gluers, UV coaters, laminators and packaging systems →
  • High volume run capacity of up to 5,000 sph →
  • Ideal for use with digital presses →
  • Programmable “Smart Perf” option →
  • Jetslit option with 10′ diameter heads →
  • Mailstream option to process multiple-up mail pieces →
  • Glue closures replace the need for tabbing →


  • Finish sheets directly from all types of digital presses or as a self-feeding, near-line system
  • Extreme durability and precision cutting for volume postcard and business card slitting
  • In-line or near-line Mailstream accepts VDP or trans-promo output directly from the press, greatly increasing output and efficiency for billing statements.
  • Program locations to start and stop multiple perforations along the edge of a page for custom coupons and reply cards.
  • Service multiple digital presses with the speed of just one Jetslit for high volume production capabilities with unmatched precision cut quality.
  • Performs numerous functions in one pass, reducing time and labor costs of direct mail finishing.
  • Meet postal requirements for three-sided closures with in-line glue dots instead of unsightly tabs.


  • Slitting
  • Scoring
  • Perforating
  • Unlimited cut, score and perf lines
  • Bi-directional processing
  • Multi-function processing
  • “Strike-Perf” (in-out-in) for pattern perforations
  • “Strike-Slit” (in-out-in) for bi-directional slitting
  • Options for in-line fold/glue and tip-on units.


  • Maximum Sheet Size:
    • 24”: 23.5×28”
    • 30”: 29.5×28”
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 4×6”
  • Maximum Stock Weight: 21 pt. board
  • Stock Types: Coated, non-coated, and UV laminated
  • Speed: Up to 7,500sph in a bi-directional process. Varies depending on functions in use.
  • Weight:
    • 24”: 1,150 lbs.
    • 30”: 1,400 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 220v
  • Delivery Options
    • Delivery trav with backstops (standard)
    • Shingle conveyor
    • Cassette bins (for business cards)
    • Auto-collator
    • Alternating stacker (for book blocks)
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