BCS Business Card Slitters

BCS Business Card Slitters

Rollem’s complete range of machines and prices offer a solution for every type of business card slitting and production. Rollem card finishing systems are the most dependable, easy to operate, and profitable machines on the market today.

Rollem’s manual and highly automated machines offer a solution for every type of business card production. Along with the Jetstream’s high volume capacity, Rollem’s BCS systems are the most dependable, easy to operate, and entry-level card finishing machines on the market today.


Precision cutting with long-lasting blades. Accuracy is maintained throughout the job. This S.F. (single feed) system is 18” with 7 slitters, 6 delivery bins. The D.F. (dual feed system is 30” with separate feed and delivery stations for both vertical and horizontal cuts. Includes 11 slitters, 9 delivery bins.

Jetstream and Jetslit

JetSlip Machine Slit Score Perf

These high volume, high speed two-directional slitting, scoring and perforating systems are the industry standard for high volume production level business card cutting.


  • Production speeds up to 200,000 cards per hour →
  • Accurate, automated performance →
  • Long lasting blades →


  • Slitting
    • Common cuts
    • Bleed cuts
  • Stacking
  • Accommodates flat sheet or thermographic printing
  • 100% accurate registration at high production speeds


  • Reduce order turnaround times and increase profits
  • Wasted sheets are virtually eliminated
  • Precision cutting and reduced maintenance


  • Sheet Size: (D.F.) 9-up card layout
    • Larger formats upon request
    • (S.F.) 6-up card layout
  • Speed: Varies by sheet layout
  • Machine Size: 48”H x 43.5”W x 19”D
  • Electrical Requirement: 110 Volts
  • Gross Weight: 410 lbs

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