Success Stories

Rollem Slitting, Scoring, Perforating & Die-Cutting machines are serving some of the top print finishers across the country.

See how Rollem solutions are making their jobs easier.

AMS Print & Mail Specialists

Automated Mailing Services installs Rollem’s Mailstream Solution to Streamline Direct Mail Finishing


For over 30 years AMS Print & Mail Specialists, located in Blaine, WA has been providing digital printing and expertise in mail creation and injection to large and small organizations all over. Producing thousands of pieces of printed material each day, from brochures to booklets, mailing to posters, variable data for all forms of document, marketing and promotional campaigns and much more.

Challenge & Solution:

AMS is utilizing Rollem’s Mailstream to help produce their application of tri fold mailers with a bi-directional “T” perf, folded and glued. The Mailstream operates in-line with the Advantage folder/gluer unit to feed, trim, strike perforate, fold and glue, all in one uninterrupted process in mail sort order. Rollem had AMS’s Advantage folder/gluer built to precise specifications due to the complex folds. The application is produced near-line using a sheet feeder, but can also be fed directly from digital presses such as Xerox, Ricoh, HP, Canon, KM and others.

The Mailstream system processes multiple-up mail pieces and performs numerous functions in one pass. Direct mail pieces are two-sided trimmed, gutter cut, scored and perforated, plus pattern (strike) perforating to create tear-off applications in both directions. Remoistenable glue is applied followed by folding, tip-on card inserting and fugitive spot glue closure as the final step. These processes are all completed in one single pass.

AMS Print & Mail Specialists

Automated Mailing Services

Precision Engraving and Signs

Precision Engraving and Signs chose the Rollem Insignia5 Die Cutter to increase the efficiency of their finishing and delivery processes.


Precision Engraving and Signs located in Long Beach, CA provides wide format printing, engraving, CNC router cutting, UV printing, and dye sublimation solutions. Being in Southern California, a hub of the solar panel industry, Precision is filling the increased demand for solar panel warning labels. California requires builders to add solar panels to all new home construction, increasing the demand for panels. The solar panel product market continues to grow, and we have the printing capabilities to produce high volumes of warning stickers of all sizes and specifications.

Challenge & Solution:

“Our roll fed plotter cutting and finishing methods were too cumbersome and labor-intensive,” states Owner, Ryan White. 

“When we saw the Insignia die-cutter we immediately recognized how this system could speed up our finishing and delivery times. We can print the stickers multiple up on a sheet and the machine die-cuts the stickers to precise sizes. I have two options to deliver the products. The waste removal unit automatically strips away the matrix allowing for the delivery of the stickers on to a slow-moving conveyor unit. The alternative option for handling the smaller size items is to deliver the full sheet of the die-cut sticker held in place for ease of delivery,” White continues.

The Insignia5 sheet-fed rotary die-cutter handles sheets up to 20×15” and is set apart by its short, medium or long run capacity.

“The Rollem team did an excellent job installing the Insignia and training us on its operation and change-overs. Edgar Climaco, the Rollem service technician, knows the system really well and left us confident with our knowledge and ability to operate the system. I couldn’t be happier with the Rollem team and our Insignia,” says White.

Precision Engraving and Signs

Ryan White, owner of Precision Engraving and Signs

Labels, Tags & Inserts, Inc.

Rollem Insignia6H Die Cutter with Folding Gluing System assists Labels, Tags & Inserts with its expansion into the Carton and Packaging market.


Labels, Tags & Inserts, Inc. (LTI), has delivered exceptional flexographic printing solutions to their customers for over two decades with their wide range of capabilities and customer service. They serve industries from apparel, consumer products, food & beverage, health & beauty to promotional direct mailing and everything in between. LTI’s founder, Leroy Baker, was quoted in 2007, “I only want the best and that’s what we’ll pass to our customers.” LTI continues to operate under this same principle, only the best.

Challenge & Solution:

LTI was looking to expand their capabilities even further, to offer folding cartons and packaging to their customer base by bringing production in-house.

Expanding their production possibilities with the Insignia6H was a natural fit. They no longer need to send clients packaging orders to other suppliers or outsource jobs to other companies.

“By merging our successful flexo print platform with the new innovative folding carton Insignia Die Cutter, a whole new department and revenue stream has been opened with minimal investment,” says Rhonda Baker, President of LTI.

Insignia’s functions include die-cutting, kiss-cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring, creasing, and hole punching as standard with any Insignia model. The 6H model utilizes two flex dies for the applications listed above but it has the flexibility to utilize a single upper cutting die with a lower solid “blanket” or “jacket” die on the bottom cylinder when strictly cutting is required. In the case of LTI’s installation, the folding and gluing system was installed in a near-line configuration to handle the final folding and gluing of folding cartons as the product is finished nearby on the Insignia.

Rollem’s Insignia Series of Die-Cutters have been adopted by a variety of print providers across the U.S. and Internationally. And it’s very versatile – the four model sizes complement most press sizes, each system includes the automatic waste stripping section and users can opt for a choice of three delivery types to best suit their demands.

Labels, Tags & Inserts, Inc.

Labels, Tags & Inserts, Inc.

DPI Direct


DPI Direct, a Digitalpro Company enlists Rollem’s Mailstream solution to improve Direct Mail end of line finishing from their HP Indigo 12000 AND 7900 presses.

DPI Direct, located in Poway, CA provides digital printing, large format, labels and packaging, direct mail, POP and much more to clients in the San Diego vicinity. Here we address how the Rollem Bi-Directional Slitting, Scoring and Perforating Finishing System handles a variety of HP Indigo 12000 press printed products.

Sam Mousavi, President and CEO, states, “Rollem is a partner we value for presenting us with dependable, automated solutions such as the 30” Mailstream system. With our wide portfolio of sheet-fed products, the Rollem solution is equipped to handle a variety of job types and deliver finished products on time with 100% accuracy.

Challenge & Solution:

As their direct mail programs expanded, the Indigo 12000 press was outputting personalized mailing pieces but bottlenecks were occurring in their back-end work flow area for mail finishing. One solution Rollem provided is the Jetstream system configured to operate in-line with the Advantage folding and gluing system for one step processing with just one operator. “We operate the Jetstream unit in-line with the folder/gluer unit to feed, slit, score, fold and glue, all in one uninterrupted process. The purchase of our 30” system has been the perfect complement to the larger format output from our HP Indigo 12000 press,” states Sam Mousavi.

Rollem’s Jetstream is comprised of either a TR Die-Score model and Rollaway or two Rollaway units each equipped with slitting, scoring and perforating functions. These two units are typically configured at a right angle to perform bi-directional finishing which may include edge-trimming of all four sides greatly speeding up finishing functions. Jetstream is flexible in that a single Rollaway unit can run in a straight line when the bi-directional processes isn’t required. 

DPI Direct

Sam Mousavi, President and CEO of DPI Direct

Shuffled Ink

Shuffled Ink, a family owned & operated company, has produced millions of decks of custom playing cards, card games and tarot & flash cards for individuals and companies around the world. Their products are manufactured at their state of the art production facilities in Orlando, Florida.

Seeking to improve their production method for creating boxes, Shuffled Ink identified Rollem’s award-winning Insignia6 die-cutter to increase quality along with production outputs. They recently received installation of Rollem Internationals Insignia6 Die Cutter to help produce their playing card boxes and cartons.

The Insignia series can eliminate sending out profitable work and allows for more control over production and turn-around times. The 20×20” sheet size enables maximum utilization of sheet imposition with the ability to feed sheets either portrait or landscape into the die cutter. The IS6 performs die cutting, kiss cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring and cut-scoring on a range of papers, plastics, magnetic material, PVC, styrene and polypropylenes. Ideal for digital printing, it offers an optical registration system designed to account for shifting in the imaged work. It handles substrates between 0.006 – 0.024” thick depending on the machine. The Insignia is offered in four different sizes. The X3 model handles up to 0.003”.

Shuffled Ink

Shuffled Ink Operator – Will Harrison with the Insignia6 Die Cutter

Arrowmail Print & Mail Service

Arrowmail Print & Mail Service, located in South Florida, is one of the largest and most technologically advanced mail and print service providers and they offer marketing solutions for many different industries. While processing millions of pieces every week, each piece is prepared, delivered and treated with the utmost importance. 

The production manager was seeking to automate the bi-directional cutting and scoring of flat and folded postcard sheets which resulted in the addition of a Jetstream Slit/Score/Perf system from Rollem. The system is a dedicated in-line solution with Arrowmail’s Konica Minolta Accuriojet KM-1 Inkjet press. Jetstream’s 30” capacity, its bi-directional processing and in-line configuration are the perfect finishing solution as it helps to produce millions of postcards for Arrowmail’s clients.

Arrowmail Print & Mail Service

Arrowmail Print & Mail Service

TEAM Concept Printing and Thermography, Inc.


TEAM Concept Printing and Thermography Inc., located in Carol Stream, IL, is known for partnering with various different agencies, designers, and print brokers, having the mindset that their TEAM is an extension of their customers’ Team. They offer offset, digital, large format and thermography printing capabilities, with the most recent expansion being to bring the finishing in-house, which had previously been outsourced.


Finding a versatile sheet-fed die cutting machine to accommodate a wide range of applications. One of the main goals of bringing a machine system like this in-house was to ensure it was as versatile as possible, and could accommodate as wide a range of finished products as possible. Products such as stickers and decals, pocket folders, specialized brochures, folding cartons and much more were all being targeted. The solution would also need to process the embellished print from Team Concept Printing’s exclusive LUX FX finishing and service line of foils, varnishes and advanced other unique treatments.


“We decided to go with Rollem because of their industry reputation and their hands on service delivery. Throughout the install process we have been very impressed with their team’s level of collaboration and training style. We could not ask for more. From a technical stand point we decided on the INSIGNIA 7 because of the size of projects it can handle and the complexity of work we can die-cut with it. It seems like it can handle any type of project and any size of project. Our team already loves the machine. Thanks Rollem.” – Vince Manini, Partner/Vice President, TEAM Concept

The versatility offered with the Insignia7H die cutting system made it a great match. This machine utilizes a pair of magnetic cylinders which houses a pair or “male/female” set of die cutting tools when producing items such as folding cartons or pocket folders. This also opens the door for embossed or debossed products, as well as running product directly in-line to folding/gluing systems for complete inline finishing of high volume work.

Alternately, when TEAM looks to convert flat products such as shaped cards, brochures, sticker sheets and more, the Insignia7H system can accept a blanket as the cutting surface for the lower cylinder and require (only) an upper cutting tool to save cost on certain jobs with the use of only one die.

The ease of use, mechanical functionality, reliability and robust construction design were all contributing factors to bringing the Insignia system in-house. Further, the proximity to Rollem’s Midwest team in Schaumburg, IL and the fact this equipment is manufactured in the United States were deciding factors.

TEAM Concept

TEAM Concept Printing and Thermography, Inc.

Fulfillment America


Fulfillment America (FAI) chooses the Rollem Insignia5 Die Cutter to streamline their greeting card products for the stationery and gift industries.

Fulfillment America provides a broad range of fulfillment services to over 75 National and International companies. With locations in suburban Boston, MA and Dallas, TX, the number of services provided within the fulfillment process is very extensive, including e-commerce B2C and B2B, literature, POP, collateral, print-on-demand, kit assembly and more. “Providing all of these services since our inception in 1992, we enjoy a strong reputation with our growing national and international client base”, states John Barry, Vice President.”


“Our specialty printing division, FAI Print, wanted to streamline the production and turn-around of our greeting card finishing system which serves top brands within the stationery and gift industries. As part of our HP Dscoop relationship, we made contact with Paul Byrne of Rollem International. I was quick to recognize the advantages the Insignia would provide to FAI’s card embellishment process and in fact, I supplied the FAI team with samples of card products that were produced on the Insignia 5 sheet-fed die cutting system and they were impressed by their quality”, states Barry. Subsequently, FAI made a visit to a local package printing company who is currently utilizing the larger format (30×24”) Insignia7 die cutter.

“I was immediately impressed with the Insignia’s speed, accuracy, and its ability to die-cut, kiss-cut, and crease all in one process while removing the sheet matrix and delivering high volumes of precisely cut card products,” states John Barry.


FAI made the decision to start with the Insignia 5 die cutter model with a 20×15” sheet capacity, ideal for output from their HP Indigo 7800 press. They are utilizing their Insignia 5 for die-cutting, creasing and delivery of their wedding invitations, greeting cards and other stationary products.

“Our production team is very pleased with this die-cutter and management may soon add a larger format Insignia die- cutter to accommodate other products printed on their larger presses,” states Barry.

Voom Group Print Solutions


Voom Group Print Solutions brings Die-Cutting in-house with the Insignia6 from Rollem International.

Voom Group Print Solutions, Plano, TX provides marketing services, graphic design, printing, laser etching, as well as promotional products, to small, medium, and large businesses. Two years after receiving installation of their Insignia6 Die-Cutter from Rollem International, we touched base with the firm’s founder, Erich Schlarb.


Finding a Die Cutting solution to handle both digital and offset output as well as being flexible enough to handle short run digital jobs to runs of 100,000+.

“Erich was very impressed when we he first saw the Insignia6 die-cutter at the 2015 Dscoop event”, states Doug Sherwood, Sales Manager for Rollem. Doug demonstrated the multiple capabilities including die-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing, along with the flexible 20×20” sheet size. However, the timing just wasn’t right for the investment. Fast forward to Dscoop 2018 and the timing was just right for Erich to sign the deal on the Insigina6.


“The purchase of our Insignia has been the perfect compliment to our HP Indigo 7800 press, the fast setup and low operating cost has allowed us to capture new business that we would not have been able to handle before bringing our die-cutting in-house. We have digital and offset presses so we needed a solution that could handle everything from our daily short digital jobs to runs of 100,000+ and no other machine on the market seemed up to the task. We have had runs that last for days and our Insignia runs without missing a beat, and we have small digital jobs that we run daily using 4 different sets of dies, that we usually get through in about 30 minutes. After 2 years in our shop, my only regret is not buying it sooner”, says Erich Schlarb, owner of The Voom Group Inc. He continues, “We really appreciate your team and your excellent products and top notch service!!!”

Voom Group

Erich Schlarb, Voom Group Print Solutions

Arnett Credentials

Arnett Credentials has become the entertainment industry leader in providing innovative, high-end backstage passes, credentials and graphic design. They produce passes for festivals, bands, venues, sporting events, and marketing firms across the globe. 

Arnett Credentials purchased an Insignia5 die cutter in 2014.

“The Insignia has provided us a tremendous amount of time savings as previously buying out our die cutting offered us little control of our production process. We have also been able to expand our product offerings after purchasing the unit.” – Jeff Arnett, Owner

Arnett Credentials

Jeff Arnett, Owner, Arnett Credentials

Barksdale Photo

Barksdale Photo of Aston, PA, a leader in the school portrait industry since 1922, recently installed a new Xerox iGen and Rollem Jetstream Slitting Machine with Smart Strike technology.

Traditionally, school portraits are presented as sheets in an envelope. The owner, Wayne Barksdale, wanted to change the format and present their packages as booklets. Initially concerned about having to cut the sheets that are stapled, especially cutting near the spine, he looked for a way to perf the sheets to allow the customer to release the sheet from the booklet without having to cut. The issue was he didn’t want the cover perforated for appearance sake.

That’s where Rollem’s smart strike technology comes in. They print the photo sheets on their new Xerox iGen4, then the sheets are stacked on the GMP laminator. The sheets are laminated and run onto the register table of the Rollem, where the barcode on each sheet is read, to determine if the shafts should be engaged (perforated sheet) or disengaged (cover sheet, no perforation). The sheets are then delivered and stacked on the Rollem high capacity receding stacker. Then they use a Xerox media cart to lift and transport the stack onto the feed table on the Bourg booklet maker, where the sets are gathered, stapled and trimmed, and the finished product is delivered.

Genesis Direct

Genesis Direct is a direct channel marketing firm that connects their client-partners with their customers and prospects in more meaningful ways. More intimate ways. And most importantly, in the most profitable ways possible. Anchored by HP Indigo 10,000 digital presses, full-color, variable-data printing technology (VDP), Genesis Direct has expanded and refined its direct mail production services to support today’s marketing business model.

“From day one, we started to use the Rollem Jetstream and basically we’ve used it every day since. We had a job of 5,000,000 postcards that were due in one week when we received installation of the Jetstream system. The job required timed perforations, which start and stop the perf at specific locations on the 20-up press sheet. It also required scoring.

“We had the job done and out the door in less than a week. We use the Jetstream all the time and I know I can count on our system to get the job done fast and accurately. The ability to handle the perforating, scoring and edge trimming in one step, makes the Jetstream one of the key machines in my finishing department.” – Shaun Murphy, Maintenance Supervisor 

Genesis Direct

Shaun Murphy, Maintenance Supervisor, Genesis Direct

HBP, Inc.

HBP, Inc., a high-quality commercial printing company offers many value-added services such as design, digital printing, bindery, e-commerce solutions, wide-format printing, mailing, fulfillment and much more – all of which demand certain levels of expertise.

Rollem’s bi-directional TR Machine was a natural fit to deliver slitting, scoring and perforating for many of their top selling products. HBP added a TR Die Score machine with a 36” sheet capacity with a 36” double head Rollaway unit for completing these functions in a bi-directional uninterrupted process, improving quality and turn-around time on products including direct mail and postcards.

The right-angle Rollaway unit includes a strike-perforation feature when coupons or tear-off replies are required. The Rollaway’s modular design allows it to be added or removed as needed.

Modern Postcard

Rollem Exceeds Modern Postcard’s High Standards with TR Finishing Machines.

Carlsbad, CA – Modern Postcard’s 75,000 sq. ft. facility produces high-quality postcard products along with related items and full mailing services. They take pride in utilizing the latest innovations. Everything from start to finish is produced in-house. Rollem’s finishing machines are an integral part of the production facility with over seven Rollem machines completing various trimming, slitting, scoring, cut-scoring and perforating.

“Our Rollem finishing equipment gives us the flexibility to offer a wide variety of finishing services that not only meet but exceed our high standards, so our customers can get the most out of every direct mail campaign.” – Waldo Garza, Mailing and Finishing Services Manager

Waldo Garza Modern Postcard

Waldo Garza, Mailing and Finishing Services Manager, Modern Postcard

The Lynx Group, Inc.

The Lynx Group, Inc. located in Salem, OR on their Insignia 6 sheet-fed Die Cutter.

Today, more than ever, print buyers are looking for a single solution to their many printing needs. The Lynx Group is a single source provider for printing, binding, assembly, mailing, and distribution.

Per Scott Rowland of The Lynx Group, “The Insignia machine has been so amazing for our requirements including educational cards, children’s game and more. Before the Insignia the finishing process involved separate cutting and round cornering machines. The Insignia is capable of converting the cards in one process which has sped up our process, improved the quality and increased our profits.”

Insignia systems include a waste removal or stripping unit to remove the matrix and deliver the finished products on to a shingle conveyor or a receding bin stacker.

Studio 1

In 1986, Jim Kelm took a leap of faith and created Studio 1, a company on the cutting edge in the realm of photography. Starting out in the family portrait business, Studio 1 made a name for itself with superb customer service and high quality portraits. Actively involved in his children’s schools and sports in Rancho Cucamonga, Studio 1 evolved into what it is today.

“I purchased the Insignia5 from Rollem in August of 2016. Our sales representative, Doug Sherwood, was very accommodating with our requests for sample runs and scheduled a demo at the Rollem office in Anaheim, CA. With professionalism and expertise, I was guided through the capabilities of the unit. We put the demo unit ‘to the test’ with various dies, paper sizes and weights.

“Since the installation we have run various short and long run jobs with great success. Our operators enjoy the quick setup, ability to run various stocks with minimal difficulty and a quality finished product. I am very happy with the unit and the services the Rollem team provides.” – Jim Kelm, Owner, Studio 1


SG360, a printing and direct marketing services provider that offers multichannel marketing solutions. Recently, the company installed an Insignia7 die-cutter with waste stripping unit from Rollem International, Anaheim, California.

The Insignia7 has bridged the gap at SG360 between long-run sheet-fed and short- to medium-run digital. This allows for a more efficient read/write or match/match step on attaching lines.

Headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois, with locations throughout the US, SG360’s services range from research and strategy to concept and execution, and include direct mail, data analytics, fulfillment and more.

“The quick changeover of the Insignia allows us to remain competitive on short runs and still have the ability to produce 250M CR80 cards in a shift. Our experienced manufacturing team utilizes their inline finishing die-cut experience to deliver CR80 cards, without ticks, in data-driven sequential order.” – John Barthen, Senior Vice President/ General Manager, SG360

EC Designs

Erin Condren brings fun and functionality together with personalized and custom products including the LifePlanner™, notebooks, stationery, and notecards.

The team at EC Designs reached out to Rollem to assist them in providing a better method for placing the binder holes on their snap-in coiled sheets used in the patented LifePlanner binder. The Insignia 5 die cutter proved to be the ideal solution to efficiently produce their snap-in coiled sheets. The owner, Erica Condren stated, “It’s our most reliable piece of equipment on the floor”. 

Two die cutters were purchased for each of their plants in Southern California and in Austin, TX. The production operator states, “I love this machine”. Currently all production for EC Designs is based in Austin where both of the Insignia 5 die cutters are in operation.

The Works Printing

TAS, Australia

The Works Printing Group produces a range of specialized products supplying the print trade and promotional products industries throughout Australia. This company received installation on an Insignia 5 die cutter.

“Your machine replaced two Heidelberg cylinder die cutting presses, the difference was amazing. The kiss-cutting is perfect and it literally takes only 5 minutes to set up. I’ve made some fairly average equipment purchases in the past, but this isn’t one of them.” – David Lawless, Owner