Rollem Videos

Jetstream with Ink-Jet
Semi-Slitter Kiss-Cutter
Rotary Die-Cutting for Folding Cartons and Packaging. Takes you through the die-cutting system and how it achieves the die-cutting process.
Insignia Die-Cutter Delivery Options. Review the two different delivery options available behind the Insignia die cutting system, capable of being swapped for one another in a matter of minutes.
InsigniaX3 size of die cutting system producing 16-up warning labels w/ a backslit in the liner; the printed sheets are fed print-side-down to allow the Insignia to both die cut and kiss cut the adhesive liner, and then strip out the finished label for easy collection.
Insignia6 die changeover: 13×19 sheet of digitally printed & raised UV postcards -2 version changeover.
NEW Receding card stacker w/ Insignia6 running 25-up cards.
Insignia6 dual magnetic die cutter cutting, scoring, cut scoring and removing the internal ‘J hook’ hanger, in a single pass on a 24pt SBS cardstock folding carton.
ALL NEW Rollem Advantage line of converting fold and glue system, shown finishing a 24pt folding carton w/ a ‘J hook’ hanger
Rollem’s XY Finisher Trims and Cut-Scores 6 up photo cards
Retail shelf label sheets XY Slitting with Auto-Collation and pack Delivery
Game Card Cutting and Round Cornering on the Revolution System by Rollem
Insignia5 @ Dscoop 2019 producing tickless business cards w/ live die change
Insignia6 w/ Chameleon gluing system producing pocket folders @ Print 2018
NEW Rollem Receding card stacker
Insignia6 dual magnetic machine producing 4-up Autolock cartons
NEW InsigniaX3 machine cutting 30mil thick laminated ID cards
Insignia6 producing embossed folding carton
Rollem Rollaway 2-directional Rollaway slitting system w/ CP bourg feeder producing business cards
Rollem Rollaway system w/ Auto-Collator running decks playing cards
Insignia6 producing 9-up 30pt. perf-out mailers
Rollem Jetslit running Digital Printed sheet of business cards
Rollem Insignia5 Die Cutter overview
Rollem Revolution
Durselen PB16
Rollem Jetslit
Rollem Mailstream
Rollem JetStream

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