PB-15 Automatic Paper Drilling

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PB-15 Modular Drilling

The PB-15 is the highest quality automatic feeding, jogging, drilling and delivery system on the market. You can efficiently drill stitched or folded products, perfect bound books, or loose-leaf with one operator. For example, drilling piles of loose-leaf reach an output of up to 1,500 piles per hour. This is an increase of up to ten times the speed of other methods

Ideal for multi-hole drilling for wire-o, this system combines maximum output with dramatically reduced set-up time. The only manual setup is positioning the heads when changing the hole pattern. Paper size and spine margin of the holes are programmed and set automatically by the push of a button.

No other paper drilling machine automates the drilling process like the PB-15.


  • Automatically and efficiently drill stitched or folded products, perfect bound books, or loose-leaf faster than other methods →


  • Automatic feeding, jogging, and drilling
  • Stroke and spindle control
  • Cooling and lubricating
  • Flat table-infeed
  • Air tables in jogger and drilling station

More Capabilities

  • Low friction rollers
  • ST function programmability for mechanical binding hole patterns
  • Automatic change of paper size
  • Motorized drilling belt


  • Reduce order turnaround time, extraneous tasks, labor costs, and wasted materials


  • Drilling heads: 4 heads standard, up to 15 heads or multi-spindle heads optional
  • Drilling hole diameter: 1/8″ – 5/8″ (3 – 14 mm)
  • Minimum hole separation: 3/64″ (1 mm)
  • Minimum paper size: 4 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ (120 mm x 80 mm drilled on the long side)
  • Maximum paper size: 14 1/2″ x 12″ (360 x 300 mm drilled on the long side)

More Specifications

  • Maximum pile height: Up 2″ (50 mm) or 3″ (75 mm) depending on option chosen
  • Spine margin behind drill bits: 3/16″ – 1″ (5 – 25 mm)
  • Output: Up to 1,500 piles/hour
  • Space requirements including conveyor belt: 102″ wide (2,600 mm) / 95″ deep (2,400 mm) / 51″ high (1,300 mm)
  • Power requirements: 230 volts, 3 phases, 60 cycles, 25A, 7, 5kW
  • Air consumption:250 litres/minute at 6 bar pressure

Emerald City Graphics, Kent Washington
Duerselen PB-15 In-Line Drilling System.

The bindery manager stated “since it was installed, we have enjoyed up to a 30% increase in production using this revolutionary system. Because it is capable of doing 2-1, 3-1 and 4-1 applications with the ability to drill up to 2” piles at a time as compared to a punch, our overall productivity is way up. Further, because piles are automatically jogged and moved to the drilling heads, we are able to drill pre-collated books with tabs so there is no need to use slip-sheets and re-collate.”

“Cooling and lubricating as well as stroke and spindle speed control allow us to do flawless drilling jobs faster than ever.”

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