Printing United 2023

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printing united expo 2023

Printing United 2023
October 18-20, 2023
Atlanta, GA

See us at Booth B2107

LIVE! See the feature packed Insignia7H Die Cutter, a leader in the B2 die-cutting class with a 30” sheet capacity.

This class of larger format rotary die-cutting machine creates a distinct space in the print and package finishing market.  With run speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour, ease of operation, and quick changeover, the IS7H is a versatile addition to your finishing division.

Insignia7H will die-cut, kiss-cut, crease, perforate, and emboss a virtually unlimited number of shapes and products. It’s the ideal die-cutting solution for output from large format digital or offset B2 presses. Ease of changeovers utilizing flexible dies accommodates both shorter runs and larger quantities in the hundreds of thousands.

The IS7H is fast becoming the ideal solution for die-cutting folding cartons, gift card carriers, sleeves, decals, and industrial component identification labels. Insignia utilizes a wide range of substrates – up to 24 pt. thicknesses (30 pt. on the X3 model) including PSA materials.  Handles sheet sizes up to 30×24” to maximize multiple images during the press sheet imposition.

The dual magnetic configuration of this system utilizes two flexible dies running a ‘male/female’ paired set. These dies allow for zero make-ready when producing products such as folding cartons. The dies are produced at tolerances of less than 0.001”/0.02mm – flexible dies are extremely precise and thus allow for maximum cutting accuracy.

Its unique design includes the automatic stripping unit as standard with the machine to divert the matrix and deliver the die-cut pieces onto a slow-moving shingle delivery table or, into a vertically receding stacker for the most efficient off-loading of products. A folding and gluing unit is available to run either in-line or near-line with all models.

Rollem will display the Insignia7H die-cutting 6-up folding cartons with a near-line folding and gluing system so visitors can see a complete folding carton production line.

Other options include batching functions in two places withing the system; a variable batching system functioning within the feeder or, a static batch system housed at the delivery. The variable system is great for varying quantities of pieces within each order where a status system is effective for fixed quantities of the product allowing for easy quantity separation at the delivery end.

Insignia die cutters are proudly made in the U.S.A. They are sold direct from Rollem International and supported regionally by our qualified technicians. Meet our Insignia Product Manager to for your personal demonstration. Learn about Insignia’s flexible die tooling – how the dies are designed, ordered and set-up on the machine.

All types of operations can benefit from the addition of the Insignia die-cutter. It is a production-built machine capable of cutting thousands of products hour after hour while the flexo-magnetic dies allow for easier job changeovers and more flexibility in your die-cutting department.

Material Thickness: Minimum: 60lb Cover / 50gsm Maximum: 0.024” / 400gsm.

Sheet Size: 8×8” Minimum (20x20cm) 30×24” Maximum (76x61cm).

Insignia is available in four sheet sizes to meet your needs; Insignia 5 20×15″ Insignia 6H 20×20″ Insignia 7h 30×24″ InsigniaX3 24×24″ Insignia is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. See this new type of flexo magnetic die cutter LIVE at Pack Expo!

Users love Its ease of operation and fast changeovers, ideal for generating profits in labels, packaging, and retail markets. Meet our Insignia Product Manager for a personal demonstration. Learn about Insignia’s flexible die tooling, set-up on the machine and how the multiple functions are accomplished in one process. The Jetstream XY system demo features automated high-volume trimming, slitting, and scoring with 100% accuracy at record speeds. See the NEW Chameleon Folder/Gluer system operating near-line to glue and finish folding cartons and direct mail products. Rollem’s Rollaway is ideal for finishing products from UV coaters or digital presses. Available in 36”, 30” and 24” sizes. See the Semi-Slitter – the industry standard for precision kiss-cutting, back or face liner cutting, on PSA materials of all sizes and thicknesses. Rollem’s Champion 990 delivers perforating, micro-perforating and scoring for shorter runs. Rollem’s Slipstream is the top choice for cutting and collating packs of game, playing and collectors cards. Visit Rollem for Innovative Print Finishing Solutions!

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Show hours:

Wednesday, October 18
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday, October 19
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday, October 20
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM