ETR Slitting, Scoring, Perforating & Semi-Slitting System

The ETR Perforating Machine is ideal for mid to high-level finishing. ETR stands for Economy TR.

Mid-level automation delivers perfectly accurate scoring, perforating, and slitting on all types of paper products. Ideal for mid to higher volume runs, The ETR streamlines your production with a deep pile feeder that accepts up to 30” of loaded stock at a time.

More profitable, completely versatile, absolutely accurate and very fast, the ETR will exceed all your expectations. Shafts are fitted with the desired slit, score or perf heads for a range of applications, including:

  • direct mail
  • brochures
  • double gate folded literature and crossovers
  • card products
  • and more

Rollem’s ETR handles stocks ranging from 16 lb onion skin to 40 pt. Board flawlessly, as well as UV coated materials and cross-grained papers. Sheets are registered to the side guide and the air feed separates sheets for precise feeding sheet after sheet.


  • One operator can accurately place single-pass scores, perfs, slits, and bleed-slits  
  • Deep pile feeder accepts up to 30” of loaded stock at a time 
  • Available in single or double head/dual shaft configurations 
  • Vast array of specialty heads available, including micro-perforating blades 


  • Increase accuracy, reduce wasted sheets, save on labor costs
  • Streamline your production and complete orders in less time
  • Double heads offer sharper creases with no cracking on difficult stocks
  • Advance a higher quality finished product to your customers


  • Scoring
  • Perforating
  • Slitting
  • Strike-Slitting
  • Right angle processing*
  • Four-sided finishing*

*Requires Rollaway Right Angle Unit


  • Model Sizes: 24”, 30”
  • Double head models: 24″, 29″
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 6″ x 6″
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 24” x 23” or 24″ x 29″
  • Feeding System: Top Air Feed
  • Stock: 20 lb to 20 pt. Board
  • Speeds: Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Floor Size: 24″: 104″ x 38″ / 30″: 110″ x 44″
  • Electrical Requirement: 220 Volt
  • Gross Weight: 24″: 950 lb /  30″: 1,155 lb
"ASAP Printing in Salt Lake, UT does high volumes of Postcard and Business Card work. They purchased a 30” Rollem ETR to give them much faster production with fewer touches. They felt Rollem was the best solution and this has proven to be a fact."