Slitting, Scoring, Perforating &
Semi-Slitting Machines

Which Rollem is right for you?

Whether you need an entry-level model or a fully integrated finishing system, each Rollem model is expertly built with Sheffield steel and designed to deliver high quality products with speed, accuracy and ease of operation.

Most machines shown here perform Slitting, Semi-Slitting, Scoring and Perforating as standard features. Edge trimming, bleed slitting, strike-perforating, micro-perforating, semi-slitting, kiss cutting – these are just some of the valuable functions of Rollem equipment. We stock over 50 types of perforating heads, micro-perforating, slitting blades and scoring heads ensuring just the right finish on virtually any type or thickness of paper.

During your review of these products, we encourage you to speak with a Solutions Manager or submit the brief “Production Match” so we can better understand your finishing production demands. We welcome the opportunity to discuss solutions to your bindery production.

Jetstream XY

This is Rollem’s most automated bi-directional slitting, scoring, perforating and strike-perforating model offered standard in a bi-directional design for four sided finishing. High volumes of multiple-up imaged sheets are cut and converted in single operation with just one operator.


The Rollaway is a single direction modular unit with slitting, scoring and perforating functions. The Rollaway delivers a high quality two-stage process that lays a second deeper score over the first.

TR Finishing Machine

Designed with a high level of automation in mind, this model handles high volumes of slitting, scoring, and perforating output. Ideal for large press sheets, it comes in five sizes up to a 42 inch wide capacity.

Model sizes include 24, 30, or 42 inch sizes in either single or double head configurations. Available in a bi-directional 45 degree set-up when configured with the Rollaway right angle unit for 4 sided finishing.


Ideal for mid to higher volume output, the ETR offers an air fed deep pile feeder capable of feeding 30 inches of stock per lift for uninterrupted finishing.

Rollem’s 100% cutting and scoring accuracy are key to the ETR. Sheets are registered to the side guide and the air feed separates sheets for precise feeding sheet after sheet. Shafts are fitted with the desired slit, score or perf heads for a range of applications including direct mail, brochures, card products, and more. Decrease labor and increase output with this mid level SSP model.

Model size includes 24 and 30 inch sizes in either single or double head configurations. Available in a bi-directional 45 degree set-up when configured with the Rollaway right-angle unit for 4 sided finishing.

Champion 990

The hardest working friction fed economical entry level slit, score & perf model designed for shorter runs, built with Rollem quality and dependability. Easy set-ups and operation.

SS Semi-Slitter

Back slitting or kiss cutting creates a ‘crack and peel’ product for easy liner removal, leaving the label or pressure sensitive sticker ready to adhere to the desired surface. Rollem’s advanced SS Semi-Slitting technology allows you to back or face-slit stocks with precisely controlled cuts on all types of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).