Insignia 7

The Insignia 7 Die Cutter from Rollem is a breakthrough in die cutting and packaging technology. This new class of larger format die-cutting machine creates a distinct space in the print finishing market for sheetfed, short-long run label, packaging and mail applications.

IS7 models include a top and bottom magnetic cylinder for channel scoring boxes, packaging, greeting cards & presentation folders. Paired sets of dies allow for no make-ready, only switching sets of dies between jobs. IS7 is the ideal solution for die-cutting industrial name tags and component identification labels in a wide range of substrates, including foils, plastics and aluminum. This and other Insignia machines will cut plastic used for face shields.


  • Die cut, kiss cut and cut-score a virtually unlimited number of products
  • Available with Bearered or Non-Bearered cylinders 
  • Available in offset or digital presses with a B2 format 
  • Ideal for HP Indigo 12000 and KM-1 UV Ink Jet Presses


  • Expand your service offerings and keep profitable operations in-house
  • Prevents cutting displacement by transferring the point of stabilization to the cylinders
  • Increasing output and productivity by fully utilizing the press sheet


  • Kiss-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Perforating
  • Scoring
  • Creasing
  • Hole punching
  • Bearered Dual Mag configuration for presentation folders and packaging products designed with longer straight cut lines
  • Non-Bearered Dual Mag configuration for running boxes on multiple types of substrates, kiss cutting pressure sensitive label stock, and scoring


  • Material Thickness:
    • Minimum: 60lb Cover / 50gsm
    • Maximum: 0.024” / 400gsm
  • Sheet Size:
    • 8×8” Minimum (20x20cm)
    • 30×24” Maximum (76x61cm)
  • Speed: Variable up to 5,000 sheets per hour
  • Register:
    • 8 Adjustable front head stops
    • Side guide; pull left or right
    • Gripper finger cam system
  • Feed: Top suction air feed w/ 4 movable sucker heads. Front & side air separation. Feed capacity of ~40”
  • Cylinder Options:
    • Upper: magnetic, ceramic & steel
    • Lower: Hard anvil, no jacket required
    • Optional dual magnetic system
  • Air Supply:
    • Becker feed pump built in
    • Compressed house air or air compressor required for stripping unit air knives.
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 230v – 60Hz – 3-phase – 15 amp
    • 110v 1-phase line
    • *Other voltages available
  • Footprint (Die Cutter Only):
    • 79” long X 58” tall X 55” wide
    • 200cm long X 147cm tall X 140cm wide
  • Weight: 4,800 lbs / 2,200kgs

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