Rotary Die Cutters

Introducing Insignia:

a breakthrough in Rotary Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting and Packaging machinery from Rollem International

Offer your customers custom, affordable, high quality rotary die cutting in-house with Insignia die cutters.

Available in four models to meet all press sizes, Insignia is ideal for folded cartons, promotional products, garment and industrial tag, labels, nameplates, shaped direct mail, photo products, pocket folders, stickers and more.

The Insignia Series is a new class of sheet-fed rotary die cutter capable of die cutting, kiss cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring, and cut-scoring a range of papers, plastics, magnetic material, PVC, styrene and polypropylenes. It is the only machine in its class capable of die cutting up to 30 pt. in thickness.

Insignia machines are built 100% in the USA using all American sourced components and are available in four models to meet all press sheet sizes.

Intro to Rotary Die Cutting

Key features include run speeds up to 4,500 sph, ease of operation, and quick changeover.

The Insignia rotary die cutter eliminates sending out profitable work and allows for more control over production and turnaround times. Now you can offer your customers flexible, affordable, high-quality custom die cutting with the Insignia. Let Insignia change the shape of your business!

Insignia 5

The Rollem IS5 rotary die cutter creates a distinct space in the print finishing market for 20×15” sheet-fed, packaging, promotional and mail applications. With run speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour and its ease of operation, IS5 will open endless revenue streams for your business, at a surprisingly affordable price!

Insignia 6

The IS6 rotary die cutter’s 20×20” capacity offers the ability to feed the sheet either landscape or portrait to maximize sheet layouts. This feature saves on valuable sheet space and provides more flexibility with image impositions.

Functions include die-cutting, kiss-cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring, creasing, and hole punching, as with all Insignia models.

Insignia 7

The Insignia 7 rotary die cutter is a breakthrough in die cutting and packaging technology. This new class of larger format die-cutting machine, with its B2 30×24” capacity, creates a distinct space in the print finishing market for die cutting sheetfed larger format output including packaging and mail applications.

Insignia X3

The Insignia X3 rotary die cutter offers a wealth of value-added processes including the ability to cut up to 30 pt. Thickness. Its 24×24” sheet size adds to its feeding and layout versatility. Commercial and package printers alike are using the Insignia X3 to convert an extensive range of substrates.

insignia X3

See which Insignia is right for you.


Each Insignia machine can be configured with either a single magnetic cutting system or a dual magnetic cylinder configuration depending on the type of products the machine is required to produce.

These die cutters also feature either a waste-stripping delivery system or a vertical-receding stacker to deliver full sheets of product.

Dual Magnetic Configuration

This setup was developed for carton or pocket folder production or users looking to produce boxes and packaging products.

This system uses a paired set or ‘male/female’ set of dies — one on the upper cylinder and the other on the lower cylinder — to channel score on the machine with absolutely no make-ready other than hanging the dies.

The machine can emboss/deboss and die cut thicker materials than a single magnetic machine.

Single Magnetic Configuration

This configuration cuts a large variety of products, including shaped greeting cards, door hangers, decals, display signs, garment tags and other flat products.

This system can also perform perforating, hole punching, and cut scoring.

Insignia Delivery Options

Insignia comes standard with a waste stripping unit. Two optional types of delivery systems are available:

  • A high capacity receding stacker for flat sheet delivery, or
  • A high capacity receding stacker with bins.

The waste stripping unit, used to automatically remove and deliver finished pieces from the sheet or skeleton, is included with the purchase of Insignia.

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