Insignia 7 Large Format Die Cut, Kiss Cut and Embossing System

The Insignia 7 Die Cutter from Rollem is a breakthrough in die cutting and packaging technology. This new class of larger format die-cutting machine creates a distinct space in the print finishing market for sheetfed, short-long run label, packaging, and mail applications.

IS7 models include a top and bottom magnetic cylinder for channel scoring boxes, packaging, greeting cards & presentation folders. Paired sets of dies allow for no make-ready, only switching sets of dies between jobs. IS7 is the ideal solution for die-cutting industrial name tags and component identification labels in a wide range of substrates, including foils, plastics, and aluminum.

The quick changeover of the Insignia allows us to remain competitive on short runs and still have the ability to produce 250M CR80 cards in a shift. Our experienced manufacturing team utilizes their inline finishing diecut experience to deliver CR80 cards, without ticks, in data-driven sequential order.

John BarthenSenior Vice President & General Manager, SG360


  • Die cut, kiss cut and cut-score a virtually unlimited number of products
  • Available with Bearered or Non-Bearered cylinders →
  • Available in offset or digital presses with a B2 format →
  • Ideal for HP Indigo 12000 and KM-1 UV Ink Jet Presses


  • Expand your service offerings and keep profitable operations in-house
  • Prevents cutting displacement by transferring the point of stabilization to the cylinders
  • Increasing output and productivity by fully utilizing the press sheet


  • Kiss-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Perforating
  • Scoring
  • Creasing
  • Hole punching
  • Bearered Dual Mag configuration for presentation folders and packaging products designed with longer straight cut lines.
  • Non-Bearered Dual Mag configuration for running boxes on multiple types of substrates, kiss cutting pressure sensitive label stock, and scoring.


  • Material Thickness:
    • Minimum: 60lb Cover / 50gsm
    • Maximum: 0.024” / 400gsm
  • Sheet Size:
    • 8×8” Minimum (20x20cm)
    • 30×24” Maximum (76x61cm)
  • Speed: Variable up to 5,000 sheets per hour
  • Register:
    • 8 Adjustable front head stops
    • Side guide; pull left or right
    • Gripper finger cam system
  • Feed: Top suction air feed w/ 4 movable sucker heads. Front & side air separation. Feed capacity of ~40”
  • Cylinder Options:
    • Upper: magnetic, ceramic & steel
    • Lower: Hard anvil, no jacket required
    • Optional dual magnetic system
  • Air Supply:
    • Becker feed pump built in
    • Compressed house air or air compressor required for stripping unit air knives.
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 230v – 60Hz – 3-phase – 15 amp
    • 110v 1-phase line
    • *Other voltages available
  • Footprint (Die Cutter Only):
    • 79” long X 58” tall X 55” wide
    • 200cm long X 147cm tall X 140cm wide
  • Weight:
    • 4,800lbs
    • 2,200kgs
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