Card Pack Production

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Rollem manufacturers the most advanced method of producing high-quality gaming and playing cards. The world’s top playing card manufacturers use Rollem to convert full press sheets into perfect casino quality cards in one completely automatic system. Are you ready to eliminate excessive labor, improve the quality of your game or collector card cutting, and increase your profitability? Card Pack Production Slitter by Rollem. 

Automated card cutting, collating and corner punching machines from Rollem are the asset you didn’t know you needed. Users drastically increase productivity with our in-line two-directional cutting, collating and full punch capability at processing speeds up to 40 packs per minute – all with just one operator! Find out how a Rollem machine can revolutionize your playing card, game card or collector card business today!

Revolution w/Auto Punch

The most advanced and fastest method of producing high quality gaming and playing cards ever!

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Card Pack Production

Slipstream MKIII w/Auto Punch

Transform your trading, gaming and playing card production by eliminating separate guillotine, collating, perforating, and creasing operations with the Slipstream MKIII.

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Slipstream MKII Portrait

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