Insignia 6

The IS6 offers the ability of feeding the sheet either landscape or portrait to maximize sheet layouts. This feature saves on valuable sheet space and provides more flexibility with image impositions.

Machine functions include die-cutting, kiss-cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring, creasing, and hole punching as standard with any Insignia model. This flexo-magnetic rotary die cutter is set apart by its short-long run capacity, which is ideal for customized digital output for run sizes from one-off to hundreds of thousands.


  • Feed sheets in landscape or portrait to maximize layouts 
  • Cuts up to 24 pt. thickness 


  • Save on valuable sheet space and provide more flexibility with image impositions
  • Eliminate outsourcing profitable operations — keep all production steps in-house


  • Die Cutting
  • Kiss-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Perforating
  • Scoring
  • Creasing
  • Hole punching
    • Stripping Device (optional)
    • Replaces stacker to remove the skeleton/waste portion of the sheet and allow for further processing of products
  • In-Line Folder/Gluer (optional)
    • The Insignia line can run with our folding/gluing unit in-line for any box, presentation folder or packaging work.
      IS6 will cut product, strip the waste material, and feed cut products directly into a folder/gluer unit for ‘printed sheet to folded/glued box’ production.


  • Material Thickness:
    • Minimum: 60lb Cover / 50gsm
    • Maximum: 0.024” / 400gsm
  • Sheet Size:
    • 8×8” Minimum (20x20cm)
    • 20×20” Maximum (51x51cm)
  • Speed: Variable up to 5,000 sheets per hour
  • Register:
    • 4 Adjustable front head stops
    • Side guide; pull left or right
    • Gripper finger cam system
  • Feed: Top suction air feed w/ 3 movable sucker heads. Front & side air separation. Feed capacity of ~36”
  • Cylinder Options:
    • Upper: magnetic, ceramic & steel
    • Lower: Hard anvil, no jacket required
    • Optional dual magnetic system
  • Air Supply:
    • Becker feed pump built in
    • Compressed house air or air compressor required for stripping unit air knives
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 230v – 60Hz – 3-phase – 12 amp
    • 110v 1-phase line
    • *Other voltages available
  • Footprint (Die Cutter Only):
    • 68” long X 51” tall X 40” wide
    • 172 cm long X 129 cm tall X 101cm wide
  • Weight: 3,600 lbs / 1,630 kgs

Labels, Tags & Inserts Inc. chooses the Rollem Insignia6H Die Cutter and Folding Gluing System for its expansion into the Carton and Packaging market.

Labels, Tags & Inserts Inc. (LTI) has expanded their capabilities with the installation of the Insignia6H Die Cutter with a folding gluing system for their Burlington, North Carolina facility. They serve industries from apparel, consumer products, food & beverage, health & beauty to promotional direct mailing and everything in between. LTI’s founder, Leroy Baker, was quoted in 2007 “I only want the best and that’s what we’ll pass to our customers.” LTI continues to operate under this same principle, only the best.

LTI was looking to expand their capabilities even further with the Insignia6H, to offer folding cartons and packaging to their customer base by bringing production in-house. Expanding their production possibilities with the Insignia6H was a natural fit. They no longer need to send clients packaging orders to other suppliers or outsource jobs to other companies.

“By merging our successful flexo print platform with the new innovative folding carton Insignia Die Cutter, a whole new department and revenue stream has been opened with minimal investment” says Rhonda Baker, President of LTI.

Dorian Studio Inc. modernizes their die-cutting equipment with the Insignia6H Rotary Die Cutter by Rollem.

Headquartered in Spokane, WA, and founded in 1914, Dorian Studio Inc. is family owned and operated, providing school photography and yearbook services to the Western United States.

Looking to upgrade their outdated punch press, Dorian’s President John Mark, and Manager Matt Davis met with Rollem’s Sales Manager, Doug Sherwood, at the Printing United Expo in 2022 and were instantly intrigued by Rollem’s line of Insignia Die Cutters. “After running successful 24 pt. samples at Rollem’s Anaheim facility, it was unquestionable that the Insignia6H would be the most useful solution to simplify production and increase the quality of our 21-up school ID cards, kiss cut sticker liner stock, and to improve production of our presentation folders”, states John Mark. “The Insignia6H offers versatility that will allow Dorian to painlessly expand our product line in the future”, continued Mark.

"The Insignia has provided us a tremendous amount of time savings as previously buying out our die cutting offered us little control of our production process. We have also been able to expand our product offerings after purchasing the unit."
Jeff Arnett
Owner, Arnett Designs

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