Integrations & Customization

Print Finishing Innovation, Integration & Automation

The experts at Rollem will listen to your production problem and then configure a print finishing solution to fill the existing and future needs of your bindery department. We can integrate a Rollem with either your existing finishing machines or other products to remove the bottlenecks downstream and develop a streamlined system which results in less labor, greater job control and increased productivity.

We can automate your entire printing process, starting with a digital press sheet and converting it into a finished product ready for delivery to your customer.

Your press, UV coater, or folder/gluer system can seamlessly connect with our Slitting, Scoring, Perforating, Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Fold/Glue or Collating units to create a print/coat/cut/finish system that meets your specific needs.

Rollem’s Jetstream is ideally suited for HP Indigo Presses, Xerox iGen presses, KM-1 UV Ink Jet Press and others.

Modular Design for Finishing Ease

In addition to in-line machine configurations which are ideally suited for higher volume runs, Rollem machines are built with a modular design so they function equally well in near-line set-ups. In a near-line example, the finishing units are positioned closely to the press to handle a variety of post-press finishing jobs.

Whether your needs fall into a common configuration or you require a semi-custom set-up, our team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific job and identify the correct finishing methods to complete your project successfully.

Integrations include: 

  • Digital Presses
  • UV Coaters
  • Collating Machines
  • Banding Machines
  • Over Wrapping Machines
  • Folding and Gluing Machines
  • Bourg Sheet Feeders
  • Round Cornering Machines
  • Matrix/Skeleton Stripping Units

Delivery Options

Delivery Shingle Belt

Shingle Belt

Delivery Card Cartridge

Card Cartridges

high capacity receding bin stacker

High Capacity Receding Bin Stacker

Delivery Folder Gluer

Folder/Gluer Units

Deliver VOD Hero

VOD - Variable Output Delivery Optical Recognition

Delivery Auto Collator

Auto Collator

delivery overwrapping machines

Overwrapping Machines