Overcoming the Bottlenecks That Can Occur Between Digital Printing and Finishing Processes

Author: Toni McQuilken
Printing Impressions

Mike Evers, the director of operations for Jacksonville, Florida-based TC Delivers, notes that for his shop, it was a less obvious bottleneck that led to the investment of digital finishing gear — the need to outsource the finishing work. “Many times, a job requires perfing or scoring,” he notes, “and to be competitive in the marketplace, we need to do it in-house or miss the opportunity. I didn’t want a great opportunity to come across my desk, get excited, and then realize I can’t do the job because it requires perfing.”

TC Delivers recently installed a Konica Minolta KM-1e sheetfed color inkjet press, and paired it with a Rollem TR system to bring that finishing in-house. He notes that when they first began looking into inkjet presses, “I knew even before we decided [which one to purchase] that we would also need some postpress finishing, and we would want to have perfing and scoring capabilities in-house,” he says. “We had tried some perfing in-line with our folding equipment, but didn’t have a lot of success with that. This gives us a lot more control over the quality.” …

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