Rollem’s Customer Turns their Insignia Die Cutting Machine into a Face Shield Producing Machine

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Rollem’s Customer Turns their Insignia Die Cutting Machine into a Face Shield Producing Machine

The following article is published with permission from Dscoop:

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hayward, CA, Corefact is a commercial printer who for 15 years has been serving the residential real estate industry with printed materials. When the virus hit and the shelter-in-place order was given, the market for home listing materials dropped sharply.

Being a nimble company, we pivoted our business in a number of different ways. First, we started with printed materials for our core audience that suited the times. They featured messages of togetherness and inspiration. This idea was further pushed into other form factors to create a COVID-19 Response category in our store. We’ve just rolled out the next phase of materials for the COVID-19 Recovery stage.

In the midst of transforming the business for our core audience, we saw hospitals and other essential businesses were suffering from not having enough PPE. We found a way to turn our die cutting machine into a face shield producing machine. Many have been given away to hospitals and other medical facilities. Additionally, the face shields were offered to our real estate agent community to purchase and donate them to their favorite local essential businesses.

Currently we are assembling a SMB COVID-19 Tool Kit for small to medium-sized non-essential businesses that will be opening up as the shelter in place is lifted. The kit includes floor signs, window clings, A-frames, face shields and a bio partition that puts a barrier between front desk people/cashiers and customers.

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